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 "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music"

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, 2000 
10  masterworks...:Pieces: Prelude 1 H. Vila-Lobos; Prelude from Prelude Fugue and Allegro J.S. Bach; Lágrima Francisco Tárrega; Chaconne in Dm ; Saraband & Double ; Andante BVW 1034 J.S. Bach; Homage a Tárrega J. Turina; Fugue BWV 1000 J.S. Bach; Brazilian Portrait Baden Powell

Price: US$ 36 (shipping included)

Guitar Celebration


, (Third Edition 2003)
Is a compilation of 22 all-time classical guitar classics. Pieces:  Passo e Mezzo Anónimo; Paradetas Gaspar Sanz; Saltarello Vincenzo Galilei; Prelude BWV 999 ; Prelude 1 Cello ; Prelude 1 WTC ; Bourree BWV 996; Minuet 1 & 2 ; Gavottes 1 & 2 ; Cantata 147 Jesus Joy of men's desiring ...; Air on the G string ; Cantata 140 Sleepers awake ; Bourree in Bm J.S. Bach; Asturias I.  Albéniz; Una limosna por el amor de Dios A. Barrios Mangore; Elegía F. Moreno-Torroba; Som de Carrilhoes J.T. Guimaraes; Romance Anonimo; The Godfather N. Rota; Cavatina S. Myers; Chi Mai Ennio Morricone

Price: US$ 36 (shipping included)

guitar DVD

Classical guitar DVD *

Classical guitar DVD
AS THE SUN SETS IN CASAPUEBLO, 2000,  Greatest guitar classics in a spectacular South American landmark scenario  by Renato Bellucci. Cavatina (S. Myers); Som de Carrilhoes (J.T. Guimaraes);  Air on the G string (J.S. Bach); Una Limosna por el amor de Dios (A. Barrios Mangoré); Brazilian Portrait (Baden Powell); Asturias (Isaac Albéniz

Price: US$  77 (shipping included)

*This DVD will work with all PC/Mac DVD palyers and most standard DVD players

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